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 How do I choose the best web hosting service for me? 

Top 5 Web Hosting Deals:
 Host Name
Disk Space
 iPowerWeb $7.95 Free 10,000 MB 250 GB 1 Free
 Lunar Pages $7.95 Free 3,000 MB 400 GB 1 Free
 Start Logic $7.50 Free
Limited Time
5,000 MB 100 GB 1 Free
 Mid Phase $7.95 Free 5,000 MB Unlimited 1 Free
 HostRocket $8.95 Free 5,000 MB Unlimited 1 Free
 How do you choose a web hosting company?
When choosing web hosting services it is important to understand the host companies differences. Most web hosting providers offer both shared and dedicated services to choose from


Shared Hosts:
Domain web hosting providers that house multiple websites together. The website domains share the resources of one single server with many specific web domain names.
Dedicated Hosts: 
These web hosting services dedicate a single server to one client’s websites and take the full responsibility for all the equipment. Dedicated providers allow unlimited domains.


Windows Vs. Unix: 
The ongoing battle for pc operations control continues. The Unix operating system has been growing and fighting for the top spot, currently held by the Windows system.
Reseller Hosts:
Resell web hosting services are created when a private account owner decides to divide up specific hard drive storage and bandwidth. They will then resell the added web space.