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Shared Web Hosting… Everything you need to know!

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Shared hosting is the most cost-efficient source of web hosting available!

One of the reasons can be found in the name given; “Shared Web Hosting”… Simply put, multiple websites/domains operating and sharing space on a single server. Compare shared domain web hosting to an apartment building: A single building/server that has been divided into individual private, safe and secure areas/domains. The efficient use of web space allows for a much lower price.

Shared hosting can be used by both personal and business webmasters alike. There are however many provider companies that offer shared hosting plans. Webmasters should compare the plans carefully. The basic and most important areas needed with shared web hosting should be considered first.

  • Domain Name – Most shared hosting plans offer one free domain with the purchase of their host service plan. These hosting packages usually do not offer a discount if you already own a domain name.
  • Storage Space – How much do you need? Well, the most individual website can comfortably run business with 5-10GB(Gigabytes) of disk storage. Most web providers offer additional space if needed.
  • Bandwidth – The ability to transfer data…Some packages offer unlimited bandwidth, but most websites can operate smoothly in the range of 250-500GB with basic shared hosting plans.

Every hosting company that offers shared hosting, has numerous features that are provided or offered. Below you will find the main topics that should be available to some degree. Some hosts offer more intense plans than others.

  • Email Features– The ability to have a secure email to stay in contact with clients or visitors. Look for a number of accounts and e-mail abilities.
  • Design Features– Can range from assistance with expanding your websites growth to fully developing a website for your business needs.
  • Streaming / Interactive– The ability for you interact video clips and/or audio tracks with your website’s design.
  • E-Commerce Features– If you plan on selling products or services online that requires the exchange of money, you will need these options.
  • Dynamic Support– This is the ability for you to utilize PHP, PERL, CGI-Library, MySQL Databases, and many more operational scripts.

Server security… yes, this should always be a consideration when putting any website online. Make sure that the host services you consider provide info on the security and safety of your website information. Any quality shared hosting server security should include at least the following:

  • Back-Up Power Supply – Generator/s
  • Server Monitoring – 24/7 Preferred
  • Regular Web Site Backup – Entire Site

Shared Web Hosting offers great options for new webmasters. They generally provide plenty of disk space and bandwidth for merchants, blogs, forums and any other personal website. The domain features available and quality security, make shared hosting the most popular web domain alternative.


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