Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged WordPress


What is web hosting?

Firstly, we will tell you what web hosting is. It is a big thing to have your own website. It is not enough for everyone to maintain the website, for this, it is very important to have the proper knowledge. To make a website, many things have to be kept in mind, such as having a domain name and hosting for your website is very important, due to which our website gets recognition.

Web hosting provides the service of giving space to all websites on the Internet. Because of this, the website of any individual or organization can be accessed through the Internet all over the world. By giving space, it means in that you store your website’s files, images, videos, etc. on a special computer and it can be said as a web server.

What is Managed Hosting?

A Managed Hosting plan is made up of many different components. The most basic component is the server hardware itself. Servers typically have an operating system installed and various types of software are used to run websites. In addition, hosting companies can provide various services such as automatic backup, malware scanning and removal, status monitoring, security sweeps, and more. In short, managed to host simply refers to a hosting plan that comes with many additional benefits or services. Almost, everything comes in the Managed Hosting and you will be truly happy to have it.

What is Unmanaged Hosting?

Unmanaged hosting is a hosting plan with very few additional services. In unmanaged hosting, a server with only one operating system may be installed. This means that you will have to install any necessary software by yourself and also base system software can be installed too in Unmanaged Hosting. So, In short, the reason for referring to it as “unmanaged” is that the hosting company itself does not provide any services or does any management work on your server. If you want to do something, you have to do it yourself.

Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged WordPress

Difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

Let us discuss the difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting, we will take a look at features, price, and work so that you can easily take a decision which one should good for you.

Features – Unmanaged WordPress Hosting often offers minimal features. It does not provide you a lot of features or advantages. On the other hand, In Managed Hosting, it offers a lot of features that help a user to do anything he wishes for.

Price – Unmanaged Hosting is traditionally less expensive than Managed WordPress hosting because unmanaged hosting demand is less due to its goodness, so that’s why most people prefer to buy Managed Hosting whether it is expensive but people go for only this.

Work – Unmanaged sites require much more work to create and maintain. Whereas, managed hosts conduct routine backups, monitor site downtime, and ensure speed and reliability.

Is Managed WordPress Worth It?

In comparison, Managed WordPress hosting will give you the highest levels of performance, security, and features, therefore we would recommend using Managed WordPress hosting, it is worth spending a few bucks extra. When you are getting very good features in extras, then why should you go for any other option.

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