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Does HostGator Support PHP & How to Update it?


PHP is the easiest language to understand for any user. If you want to host a website with the services of Hostgator then your choice id too good. In the services of Hostgator, you will get PHP services that are very valuable. If you are to use its services then it becomes easy to manage for you with Hostgator PHP Support. Either you choose services of shared, VPS, Reseller, or dedicated one you can use its PHP services very easily.

Hostgator Offer PHP configuration plugin on its hosting plans. You can easily add the PHP version through Hostgator Cpanel.

What Version Of PHP are available On Hostgator?

Hostgator offers you the best services and the latest version of Hostgator. The PHP version of Hostgator works according to up to date services. The PHP version of 5.4 is the default version of the Hostgator You can easily change the PHP Version of Hostgator. If you want to change it then look for How to change the Hostgator PHP version.

How to update Hostgator PHP Version?

If you want to update the PHP version of the Hostgator then you can update it very easily. For updates, you only need to follow the steps and you can easily update the PHP version of Hostgator through it.

PHP Update through PHP Selector

  • Log In to Hostgator CPanel
  • Look for the Software Sector and click on the PHP Selector OptionHostgator PHP Update
  • Navigate to the directory for you to update the PHP version.Hostgator PHP Update
  • On the next, page Select the latest update of the Hostgator PHP and click on the update button.

With the help of the PHP selector, you can easily update your PHP version. The steps are easy to follow so go step by step and update it now.

PHP Update Through MultiPHP Manager

This one is another way to update the PHP of the Hostgator. For this update, you have to follow the four-step and you can update it easily.

  • Login to the Hostgator Cpanel
  • Select the MultiPHP section in the Software SectionHostgator PHP Update
  • Select the domain name you want to update the PHP by checking on the box mention on the left sideHostgator PHP Update
  • The right-hand side chooses the PHP version and clicks on the Apply.Hostgator PHP Update
  • When the process is done there will be a pop up in the upper right corner, letting you know the change was successful.
Hostgator PHP Update

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