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5 Hand-Picked Affordable WordPress Hosting


WordPress Hosting is one of the most popular and trending hosting types nowadays. Ease of use, affordable rates and build within a few minutes are some of the best reasons why it is becoming more popular among beginners. But these aren’t the only reasons why new website owners are attracted to affordable WordPress Hosting.

Many people give suggestions to buy WordPress hosting when someone asks “which hosting should I choose”. But why should you purchase a WordPress Hosting when you have a lot of options.

Well, the benefits are not limited when you choose WordPress Hosting for your website. Here are some best essential benefits that WordPress Hosting provides:

  1. WordPress Hosting is very easy to use, even a beginner won’t face any problem while using it.
  2. Some hosting plans have some complicated user-interface but WordPress Hosting has a very user-friendly interface.
  3. The best thing about WordPress Hosting, there’s no need for you to learn programming knowledge. 
  4. You get a drag and drop features, which helps to build a website within a few minutes.
  5. Customer support is always there for you to solve your all technical issues related to WordPress.

Affordable WordPress Hosting That Worth For Money

Just like any other web hosting, there’s a wide number of hosting providers available worldwide. In this web of hosting providers, you can easily google some top hosting companies that have given its services for the past many years.

Serving the best features at economical rates makes them popular and people’s favorite. Here are 5 worth for money economical WordPress Hosting that anyone can purchase.

HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator is one of the most popular hosting provider companies in the world. This company is serving more than 15 years to the people with the most affordable hosting plans.

HostGator Company offers numerous useful features to its customers in WordPress hosting. Also, you get a minimum of a 40% discount on this hosting type.

HostGator WordPress Hosting has 3 different plans, which starts with Basic and increases upto Business plans. Let’s elaborate on these hosting plans and their rate.

  • Starter Plan: The starter plan of HostGator WordPress Hosting gives you eligibility to host a single website. In this hosting plan, a website can handle upto 100k visitors per month. Also, you get a free SSL certificate and domain for a year.

Price: $5.95/mo*

  • Standard Plan: HostGator Standard Plan is very beneficial for those people who have two websites. The resources in this hosting plan are double compared to a starter plan. 

Price: $7.95/mo*

  • Business Plan: HostGator Business Plan gives twice resources or we can say more than thrice of the starter plan. You will get a straight 57% discount on the Business plan.

Price: $9.95/mo*


Just like HostGator, BlueHost is also a top competitor for the top position of low-cost WordPress Hosting. BlueHost is the fast, easy and safest way to build a website in a few minutes.

When you choose BlueHost WordPress Hosting, you get a big list of useful features. The highest WordPress hosting plan of BlueHost offers the most resources to its customers.

BlueHost also offers 3 types of plans in WordPress Hosting which is as below:

  • Basic: Basic plans of BlueHost WordPress Hosting is best for those customers who need SSD servers at the lowest rates. This hosting plan is perfect for a single website. You get all the needful resources that help to run a website smoothly. Also, you don’t have to pay for a domain and SSL certificate for one year.

With the above benefits, users also get $200 worth of ad credit to promote their websites plus 5 parked domains.

Price: $3.95/mo*

  • Plus: BlueHost plus WordPress hosting plan is best if you are running multiple websites. Also, you get more than twice the resources than the basic plan. The user gets 1-year free access to office 365 mailbox.

Price: $5.95/mo*

  • Choice Plus:

In the choice plus plan, customers get a huge number of useful resources and also all features of the Plus plan. Also, the user gets a free bodyguard basic backup feature in this plan. 

Price: $6.95/mo*


A2Hosting company is known for its blazing-fast servers that give x20 times faster speed than other hosting providers. It is the fastest, easiest and most reliable hosting provider.

Like HostGator and Bluehost, it also has 3 different shared WordPress hosting plans. You get a straight 51% discount off all these 3 plans that make it affordable WordPress hosting.

  • Lite: Lite plan of A2 Hosting is best for a single website. You get a bunch of useful resources in this lowest WordPress hosting plan of this company. Also, you get any guaranteed money-back guarantee, which is rare to see. Free SSL certificate, free & easy site migration, easy control panel are some best features of the A2Hosting Lite plan.

Price: $3.92/mo*

  • Swift: Swift plan gives double resources at a low price that is very beneficial for multiple website owners. With all features of the lite plan, you get a free automatic backup feature free of cost.

Price: $4.90/mo*

  • Turbo: A2Hosting Turbo plan is the fastest service of the company. With all the features of the swift plan, you get upto 20x faster servers that give a hassle-free hosting experience. It is the best plan of A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting if you want to host multiple websites. 

Price: $9.31/mo*


Siteground hosting is one of the reliable companies that Woo Commerce, Yoast, and even WordPress. It is managed, powerful and yet simple to use.

The company was founded back in 2004, at Sofia, Bulgaria and now serving more than 2 million domains. Just like any other hosting plan, Siteground also serves managed WordPress hosting at affordable prices.

Siteground company has three different types of WordPress plan which is as follows:

  • Starter:  Starter plan of Siteground basically is the basic plan of the company. It has all the useful features that a fresh website needs. A lot of freebies are available in these hosting plans, which seems rare in any other company.

Price: $3.95/mo*

  • GrowBig: This plan is suitable for you if you want to host multiple websites at a time. GrowBig hosting has all the features that the starter plan contains and also some additional features. 

Price: $5.95/mo*

  • GoGeek: With all the features of the Starter & GrowBig plan, you will get more impressive features at a fair price. Dynamic caching, white label clients, on-demand backup copies are some of the best features available in this plan.

Price: $11.95/mo*


InMotion company provides managed and optimized hosting at a low price. Best reliability, free website migration, speed optimization, and serving best-in-class service are a feature of this company. 

Unlike other hosting company, it has 4 types of different hosting plans which are as below:

  • WP-1000S: This first InMotion WordPress Hosting is capable of handling a single website. It can handle upto 20K visitors per month and can store upto 40GB storage. Also, you get a BoldGrid feature that helps to build a website more efficiently.

Price: $6.99/mo*

  • WP-2000S: This plan should be your first choice if you are starting a small business and blogging website. It has more than double the resources compared to the WP-1000S plan. Also, you get a jetpack personal feature absolutely free.

Price: $6.99/mo*

  • WP-3000S: WP-3000S plans give you the double resources of the previous WordPress hosting plan. You get an additional dedicated Opcode pool and staging environment included. This plan allows you to get upto 41% discount at a lower rate.

Price: $9.99/mo*

  • WP-4000S: It has the highest features of all the WordPress hosting plans. You can launch upto 6 websites at a time with a good amount of resources. Also, you get a free dedicated IP as well with up to  54% off.

Price: $14.99/mo*

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