How To Make A WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly -10 Tips

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According to research, 61% of people use mobile for google search. And according to this research, it becomes necessary for every website owner that his website should also be mobile-friendly. Every WordPress website owner should make sure that how his website is performing on every type of device like- Website structure, the layout is not getting out of the screen of the device, font size, and the image size not problematic, and etc. If the customer also faces all these problems on his mobile, then the customer does not like that website much and goes to another website. Then every website owner should make sure that is website mobile-friendly or not. Because having a mobile-friendly WordPress website is a sign of good SEO and SEO experts also recommended this trick. Providing a great experience and good knowledge to mobile users is a sign of having a good website.

Mobile friendly 10 tips for WordPress Website

  1. Use Responsive Templets And Themes
  2. Try-On Different Devices Of Your Website Size
  3. Don’t Change Metadata
  4. Use Same Seo Techniques For Both Versions
  5. Test Regularly
  6. Check Your Website On All Browsers In Mobile
  7. Choose the best web hosting company
  8. Use Smaller Image And Text Size
  9. Use Mobile-Friendly Checker Tool Of Google
  10. Use anti-spam plugins

Use Responsive Templets And Themes

Which theme do you use, it matters a lot? A mobile responsive theme is so important for users and SEO experts. If you don’t use the responsive theme and templates then your WordPress website not is mobile-friendly properly. You should make sure that this theme’s navigation is very well in all devices? The responsive theme gives you better user experience and reviews, so use a responsive theme and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Try-On Different Devices Of Your Website Size

you should always open your WordPress website on different devices like mobile, tablets, note, desktop, and make sure that have not any problem. By checking the website on different devices, you will get to know about your website layout, theme, and structure what kinds of types performing in which device.

Don’t Change Metadata

You have not to need to change your metadata you can keep the same metadata in both devices. Metadata helps you in the search engine about knowing your content and data. This trick helps both of you and the user a lot.

Use Same Seo Techniques For Both Versions

If you agree with the opinions of the SEO experts and apply all the SEO advice for your website, then you can get success very soon. Making your WordPress website mobile friendly is also a big part of SEO. Use the same SEO tricks and advice for both devices desktop and mobile.

Test Regularly

You can regularly test your WordPress website on all devices like desktop, mobile, note, and etc. With the Regulatory test, you will know what kind of performance your device is performing. And what is wrong with that.

Check Your Website On All Browsers In Mobile

It is very important to check your website in all types of browsers like Google, Safari Firefox, and Opera. From which you can make sure that in which browser your website can find out about open, late open, loading time. And in which users do browsers like to open your WordPress website more. This browser checking is important for all devices.

Choose the best web hosting company

Sometimes even after everything goes well, due to web hosting you may face some trouble, then you must also make sure which web hosting company is best for your WordPress website. Because hosting has a huge role in it, without good hosting you cannot navigate your website very well.

Use Smaller Image And Text Size

Always keep your website’s image size and text size small because high load photos can decrease your website’s open speed. And for this reason, users do not wait to give more. More large text in mobiles can damage the content of your WordPress website. Use fewer or smaller images (keep in mind that most mobile device screens are under 200 pixels wide).

Use Mobile-Friendly Checker Tool Of Google

If you use a mobile checker tool then you can get more information about your mobile-friendly website. This tool analyzes your page and gives you information, this is a great tool for everyone.

Use anti spam plugins

Anti-spam plugins tools help you and protect your website spam comments. Active this anti-spam you can make your website anti-spam.

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  1. “There are a few different ways to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly.
    – Run a mobile-specific theme. This will give your site the look and feel of a mobile app, which users will be more likely to use.
    – Turn your website into a web app on mobile, which is served when a device is detected.
    – Use a responsive design that is optimized to behave well on all platforms regardless of device. has professional team of design and developers who has helped me multiple times over the years to build a mobile-friendly website and can do the same for you.”

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