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What is Apple Watch Good For? Is Apple Watch Worth Buying?


Is an Apple watch worth buying? Should you buy an Apple smart watch? What is an apple watch good for? What can you do with an Apple Watch? We are going to answer all of these questions in this article. So stay tuned. 

Apple watches are one of the smartest watches out there. And what makes them more exciting is that they are by Apple or what we call a brand factor. The first apple watch was released in 2015. So far Apple has released series 1, 2, 3, 4, and apple watch series 5. The apple watch series 3, 4, and 5 are the most advanced and popular among people. If you want to find out the difference between apple watch 3 and 4 then you can check it out here. 

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Apple watches are almost as smart as an iPhone but the reality is that they are not iPhones. They have some cool features and functions like receiving calls, texting SMS, Paying for online orders,etc. The main question is, Is Apple watch worth buying? Let’s check out some of its major and most popular features and functions. 

What can you do with an Apple Watch? 

who should buy an apple watch

For Texting Message & Receive Call From Your Wrist

With the Apple watch you can text messages from your wrist. You can send facebook messages. You can also answer/receive calls. 

You can record a voice memo with this smartwatch. You can also send apple watch memoji with your apple watch. If you want you can share your heart beat with others and also you can share your location. You can browse etsy with this smartwatch. Moreover you can use Siri for search etc from your smartwatch. 


One of the coolest things about Apple watches is that you can receive and see all the notification from your wrist. You don’t have to go find your iphone or switch on your laptop. 

You can get call notifications, can check emails, Facebook messages, etc. You can also get all the important weather alerts with your apple watch.You can check the daily news highlights etc. 

You get all the important notifications with this smart watch. And all you have to do is look at your wrist. Life is made easier for you. 

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Health & Fitness

If you are a health and fitness freak then you are going to love this watch so much. Because it got so many features that help you track your fitness and health. The Apple watch lets you  track skiing and snowboarding. 

You get all the high and low heart rates and irregular heart rhythm through notifications. This watch can measure your current heart rate. It also comes with an electric heart sensor and ECG app that is made capable of generating ECG similar to single-lead electrocardiogram. 

You can track your daily steps or the distance you run with this watch. If you swim then this watch is going to come in handy. It can gather all the relevant data regarding your swimming. 

You can even track your cycle and even your sleep with this watch. 

what can you do with apple watch


When it comes to entertainment Apple Watch does not let you down. Apple watches come with very good processors and storage capacity upto 32 GB. That is why you can store as much as music you want in it. You can listen to music on your Apple smart watch. Apple watch lets you control your HomPod music. 

With this watch you can control your apple TV and music. You can stream apple music if you have apple watch 3. The bottomline is that when it comes to watching videos, listening to music, etc Apple watch has every feature and technology that will not disappoint you. 

Is apple watch worth buying

Apple Pay/Ordering

With Apple smart watches you can make orders like you can order pizza or burgers. Moreover you can make payments from your apple watch. This is pretty impressive because you don’t have to use your phone to make orders anymore if you got an Apple Watch. 

For Remote Control

With Apple watch you can control various electronic devices and appliances at your home. 

You can control your Apple TV. It lets you control your house’s fans, thermometer, blinds, lights etc. Moreover you can control your iPhones camera from remote. 

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Thus you can see that the Apple watch is one of the most advanced watches in the world. It has so many cool features and functions for making your life easier or maybe more lazier. It can do a lot of things that we normally do not expect from a watch. This is the key reason why apple watch series are so popular all around the world. 

Should you buy an Apple Watch? 

Now let’s discuss another important question, whether you should or should not buy an Apple Watch? In other words who should buy or who should not buy an Apple watch. Is Apple watch worth buying? 

If you don’t want to use your iPhone/phones that much then you can go for an apple watch. If you want to make life easier and do all the basic and advanced digital works from your wrist then you should go for an apple watch. The apple watch is for you to track all the fitness and health issues from your wrist. 

Now who should not go for an apple watch? If you are just looking for a watch just for time keeping. You like to do all the online or digital work from your phones or laptop. And if you don’t feel comfortable using a digital watch and prefer iphones. And if you don’t have that kind of money to spend on a watch. 

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