Is Hostgator a Good Domain Registrar?



Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting companies in all over the world. The company is well known for offering all web related services at a very affordable range. You can get all web related services like Domain Registration, Web hosting, Website Builder, and other web related services at one place. You can easily register your ideal domain with Hostgator at very low cost. The company is very famous for providing excellent domain registration service. The company offers an exclusive discount on its domain service. Before going into the depth of Hostgator Domain Registrar Let’s discuss What Domain Actually is?

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a name of your website that justifies the address of your website. A Domain Name is considered as a website address. A website can be recognized by their domain name. It is very hard to remember an IP address that is why domain names come to know in the market. It lets the people easily remember. There are a number of domain extensions available where you can choose from like .com, .org, .in, .co, .info etc.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

A Domain Name Registrar is the company that provides registration of your domain name. Domain name registration companies have been accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is a non-profit who has been delegated the responsibility to manage the Domain Name System.

Hostgator Domain Name Registration

The perfect domain name attracts visitors and gives a brand name to your visitors. Generally it ensures your websites achieve maximum awesomeness. Hostgator offers a number of TLDs at a very affordable range. You can choose your ideal domain name with Hostgator Domain Name registration. Below is the list of domain name extensions and their cost at which the Hostgator is offering the top level domain names:

  • .com- $12.59 / yr
  • .website- $9.95 / yr
  • .info- $12.59 / yr
  • .club- $9.95 / yr
  • .org- $12.95 / yr
  • .host- $39.95 / yr
  • .co- $12.95 / yr
  • .net- $12.95 / yr
  • .online- $1.95 / yr
  • .space- $9.95 / yr
  • .me- $15 / yr
  • .site- $0.95 / yr
  • .us- $5.95 / yr
  • .biz- $12.95 / yr
  • .tech- $3.95 / yr

Features of Hostgator Domain Name Registration

Hostgator features will level up your domain game. It offers excellent features with your domain name. Below are the excellent features that you will get in Hostgator Domain Name Registration:

  • Domain Locking- Domain Locking will prevent the unauthorized transfer of your domain names. You retain the total control to unlock any domain name.
  • Domain Renewal– Your registered domain name will auto renew with Hostgator Domain Name Service. This auto domain renewal prevents any domai from expiring due to any individual error.
  • Easy Management– Hostgator gives an easy to manage domain name system. You can easily manage your domain name as it allows for all aspects of your domains to be managed from a single dashboard.
  • Domain Privacy Protection– The company also provides Domain Privacy Protection. By paying a small amount you will get your all domain name information private from the users. The information of your domain name will not appear in WHOIS Database.

Hostgator Customer Support

The company offers 24/7 Customer Support to their users. If you will face any issue you can directly contact their team. You can contact via phone calls, messages or you can also get help from their FAQs. The company also offers a 45 days money back guarantee. Within 45 days if you will not like its domain service then you can get your money back. 


Hostgator Domain Name is one of the most affordable domain name registrar worldwide. The company registered millions of domains in its account. Explore all the TLDs with Hostgator. Grab the amazing discount offer with Hostgator Domain Registration. The company also offers some discount on its domain registration. Claim your Ideal domain at a very reasonable price with Hostgator. You will also get 24/7 Customer Support and 45 days money back guarantee. If you will face any issue you can directly contact their expert team. Register your Ideal Domain Now with Hostgator Domain Registrar.