Is WordPress Free with Hostgator?


WordPress is the most preferred platform for all kinds of buyers. Nowadays if a beginner wants to host a website then they must look for the WordPress features. Many of the web hosting firms offer WordPress free of cost with its web hosting plan. Among the many Webhosting providers if you want to buy a Hostgator and eager to know Is WordPress free with Hostgator. Then here you will get all the answers regarding this question. This will help you in choosing the best web hosting plan of Hostgator.

In which Plan Of Hostgator you will get Free WordPress services?

Hostgator offers you the best services of WordPress. In the maximum plans, you will get a free WordPress install feature. In the hosting feature, you will get the best WordPress features to host the website. You can easily install WordPress in any of the web hosting servers of the Hostgator. Either you choose Hostgator shared server, dedicated, or VPS you will get the benefit of WordPress in all plans.

Does Hostgator Work With WordPress?

WordPress become one of the best blogging platforms for all bloggers. Every blogger wants to use the services of WordPress in hosting plans. Hostgator works with WordPress and you can easily install WordPress in the shared server. To install WordPress you only need to follow some step and you will get to know how you can install WordPress in the HostGator shared server.

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Steps to Install WordPress In Hostgator Shared Server

If you are going to use the services of HostGator WordPress then use the following steps and install WordPress free of cost.

  1. Log in to Hostgator Control PanelHostgator Login
  2. In the software section click Quickinstall icon
  3. Click on the Free WordPress icon mention on the screenHostgator Free Install
  4. Next page, Dropdown and fill your domain name on which you want to install the WordPress. The decision is yours on which you want to install either of the root of the directory or under the subdomain. Add a domain name as you want and configure the other setting option.
  5. Hostgator Free WordPress Install
  7. Fill all the information in the setting section:-Blog Title, admin user, First Name, Last Name, Admin Email. Agree on the terms and conditions and the other option. The last Click “Install Now”Hostgator WordPress Install
  8. After clicking on the install you will get an email, your dashboard link, username & Password.

Install WordPress using Quickinstall on a Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Server

  1. Log in to your Cpanel
  2. In the software service section click on the Quickinstall
  3. Complete all the details required to install WordPress.WordPress Installation Form
  • Fill the Domain Name That you want to install WordPress. The decision is yours which you want to install domain for a directory or mail name.
  • Type Admin name
  • Blog Title
  • Admin user name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • And click on the install WordPress option
  1. When the installation process complete then you will get all the log in details for your website.

If you are facing any kind of trouble while using its services you can connect with them through Hostgator 24/7 Support service.

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