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Learn how to transfer to a new host provider!

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A step-by-step guide to transferring to another web hosting provider!

Running out of patients with your current hosting provider? Are they too slow? Looking for a lower cost on hosting? Whatever your reasons are, it is important to know how to create a smooth transition to your new web hosting provider.

1. Create a complete back-up of your website.

Download all your website files from your current web host provider onto your computer. Getting your files off the host provider will prevent any chance of information loss. There may be some files on the host server that you do not have on your pc…DOWNLOAD ALL FILES FROM CURRENT HOST!!!

2. Choose a new host provider.

When choosing a new host provider, it is important to know what services and tools you will need for your website. Decide how much storage, bandwidth, and other domain options you will need. There are many web hosting providers available today. Take the time to research the companies you are considering.

3. Transfer your domain name.

Your domain name needs to be transferred to your new web host provider. Contact your current registrar to help you move your domain name and change the domain name server (DNS). It is common practice for provider companies to assist, and in many cases perform all the required actions needed to transfer.

Understand that there is generally a 24-72 hour downtime while this information is being moved. This is a result of WHOIS servers updating your website info. There is the option of checking the progress of this change through They will display the new server information when the process is fully complete.

4. Upload web site file to your new hosting provider.

Once you have verified that your domain name has been transferred properly, you must upload all your website files to the new web host providers server.

5. Test your website functions.

It is always a good idea to go through your entire site and check all the links, functions, and other services. Perform these actions immediately after you have uploaded all your website files. It is not uncommon for parts of the website code to transfer incorrectly.


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