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Mac Tips and Tricks 2023: 30 Amazing Mac Tricks That Most User’s Don’t Know


The numbers of Mac users are fewer compared to windows or android users. But do you know what’s the reason behind this tragedy? If your answer is less feature, costly products, or complicated function then it is definitely wrong. The main reason behind the fewer users of Mac is people do not have full knowledge about the full function and mac tips and tricks that matter a lot. You can perform different things with higher performance if you deeply know the functionalities of the product. Also, Mac has dozens of useful shortcuts that increase your workflow and make your life easier. With this blog, you will get to know all the important shortcuts and Mac 2023 Tips and tricks that improve your working efficiency with Mac. If you are one of the Mac users who are currently struggling because of a lack of knowledge then this simple and easy guide will clear all your doubts and make you a fan of Mac products.

30 Pro Mac 2023 Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Mac offers a wide range of different features to the users but because of the lack of information, most users don’t know about it. To spread awareness:-

  1. Press Command + Tab button
  2. Hold the Command button and Press Tab button to open the desired app.

(Note: When you perform the above step the highlighted application will be open)

Hot Corners

A hot corner is very useful for the users because you can see different tasks that will perform after hovering in a specific corner. You can perform different activities with Hot Corners like launching mission control, showing desktop, and more other activities.

How to do it:-

  1. Go to System Preferences >> Mission control >> Hot Corners

Hide a window or all window at the same time

When you are doing some private work and you don’t want to show others then this trick is very useful. You can quickly hide all or single windows so no one can recognize what you are doing.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Command + H  Button

(Note: To open back hidden windows just press Command + Tab button.)

Cycle between App windows

While working on the browser like Safari, its obvious to open multiple tabs at the same time. But do you know that you can easily reach any tab without facing difficulties with these amazing Mac tips?

How to do it:- about Mac products here’s the best guide that gives the best tips for new mac users.

Swap Between Apps

Mac allows a user to easily swap between different applications as per their need. This feature is useful when you have to work with lots of applications at the same time.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Command + ~ Button

Switch between Multiple Desktops

Want to switch between multiple desktops at lighting speed? With this tip, you can quickly switch between multiple desktops in less than 5 seconds.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Control + Arrow Keys

(Note: Press any left or right arrow keys to switch to your desired desktop.)

Fastest Way to Open Folders

In mac, you can quickly open a folder that either exists on finder or desktop.

How to do it:-

  1. Hold Command Button and Press Down Arrow Key

(Note: To undo the current feature just Command Button and Press Up arrow key.)

Clean Up Your Desktop

You can organize everything on your Mac and make a messy desktop to arrange orderly. 

How to do it:-

  1. Press Right Click >> Choose Stacks

Create an Auto Duplicating File

For all those users who work on different templates and some other relatable things create an auto duplicating file is very beneficial. You can create a duplicate file after clicking on any file.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Right Click >> Select Get Info >> Check Stationery Pad Box

Video Screenshot

Mac allows the user to take a screenshot of a whole screen or a particular portion of the video. You can take a screenshot into 3 different options and here’s how to do all of them.

How to do it (Normal Screenshot):-

  1. Press Shift + Command + 3

How to do it (Option to Choose Area While Screenshot):-

  1. Press Shift + Command + 4

How to do it (Portion Screenshot or Record Your Screen):-

  1. Press Shift + Command + 5

Cleaner Screenshot

Cleaner screenshot is the advanced version of the aerial screenshot and with this, you can easily take a screenshot of a window or interface elements.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Shift + Command + 4 + Spacebar

Safari Picture-in-Picture

In Mac, you can also watch videos on the safari browser while performing other tasks.

How to do it:-

  1. Twice Right Click on the Video.
  2. It will bring the picture-in-Picture feature. 

Copy Link Easily

For the quickest way to copy the currently open tab link, here are the best tips that you can use to enhance your work.

How to do it:-

  1. Press Command + L (to highlight the link) >> Press Command + C (to copy the link)

Quick Look

Mac allows the user to take a quick look at a website or YouTube video to get the preview without making a visit.

How to do it:-

  1. Just click and hold on the website or video to find the review. 


While visiting a website or reading something online when you counter an unusual word then this feature will help you.

How to do it:-

  1. Highlight the word and press down on it with a force touch trackpad.

Rename Folders and Files

With the force touch, you can quickly rename the files and folder and save your precious time.

How to do it:-

  1. Just Force Touch on any file or folder to rename.

Unlock with Apple Watch

Most users do not know that they unlock their Mac with an Apple watch. This feature is very useful and helps a lot of users to access the device better way.

How to do it:-

  1. Open System Preference >> Security & Privacy >> Unlock with Apple Watch

Activate DND Quickly

Mac also offers the Do not Disturb feature to the users that can easily activate with the simple method.

How to do it:-

  1. Hold option key + Click on Notification center icon

(Note: You can find the notification center icon on the right top corner of Mac menu’s.)

Hide Dock and Menu Bar

Do you know that you can hide and the menu bar to maximize your Mac screen so you can get more visualization space.  

How to do it:-

  1. System Preferences >> General >> Automatically Hide and Show the Menu Bar

Quick Access to Functions Key

While accessing the function keys like Media Playback, Brightness, you can also access the corresponding setting options too.

How to do it:-

  1. Press function keys and hold down options press.

(Note: This Mac 2023 Tips and Tricks do not work on Touch Bar Macs.)

Add Digital Signature on Documents

While working from home, now you can sign all your office documents digitally in a more easy way. Now you don’t need the old method of printing all documents, signing, and then scan again to upload. It will improve your work performance and save your precious time that you can use on other work.

How to do it:-

  1. Tools >> Annotate >> Signature >> Manage Signature >> Create Signature

How to Use It:-

  1. Open document in preview >> Tools >> Annotate >>  Signature >> Click Your Signature to Drop

Use Stationery Pad

If you are looking for a Mac tip by which you can use a file as a template then the stationery pad method will help you. 

How to do it:-

  1. Select File >> Ctrl + Click >> Get Info >> Stationery Pad checkbox

Assign Shortcuts to Desktop

Just like the Windows 10 Peek which shows the desktop by hovering the mouse cursor at the bottom screen on temporarily based. Mac has hot corners the give you the same control of each screen corner.

How to do it:-

  1. System Preferences >> Mission Control >> Hot Corners >> Choose Actions

Mac Hidden Resizing Trick

A normal window os user can easily resize the screen of the window but Mac has no such an option. It’s a little bit tricky here and here’s the simplest trick for that.

How to do it:-

  1. Hold Shift = Resize the window by maintaining the current aspect ratio
  2. Hold Alt = Resize the window side or corner an in equal ration
  3. Hold Shift + Alt = Resize the windows with both features

Share Contact Information in Contacts Trick

This is one of the best Mac os features which allows you to share your details with other people. In the details, your personal details won’t be shared with anyone, only the email and desired details will be sent.

How to do it:-

  1. Select Contacts >> Click Cards >> Make this My Card >> Open Contact Preference’s >> Click the Card Tab >> Enable Private Me Card >> Edit Your Card >> Untick box you don’t want to share >> done

Change Desktop Folder Icons into Emoji

Many Mac users do not know that they can change the desktop folder icons into emoji to show different folders or for fun.

How to do it:-

  1. First Create New Folder by going to file option and select a new folder.
  2. Perform google image search to find the desired emoji
  3. Now drag the emoji you want to add on the folder.
  4. Preview the emoji by double click.
  5. Now transparent the image by pressing the markup icon option. Just click on the background of the image to edit and cut.
  6. Click again on the markup icon and click and drag the box around emoji.
  7. Now edit emoji select all and press Ctrl + C button.
  8. Now Right-click on the folder you have made earlier and select the Get info option.
  9. A screen will pop up, on which you have to click on the blue folder icon and press Ctrl + V option.

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Recovery Your Mac Account

It’s kind of obvious to forget your password while making an extremely strong password. If you already become a victim of such an incident and want a tip to easily recover your account then your search is over.

How to do it:-

  1. Turn off your Mac first.
  2. Now press and hold the Command + R button and after that press the power button to turn on the Mac. Keep holding the Command + R button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  3. Your Mac device is now in recovery mode.
  4. Open the menu bar and choose Utilities, now open the terminal option. Now you have to type the “resetpassword” command without any spaces. After that press the return button. 
  5. After that command, close the terminal and you will see the Password Reset Tool. Now you will see all the active users on the mac and you have to create a new password for every account.

Emoji Typing From Keyboard Trick

Everybody knows that how fun is a conversation when we use emojis in chatting. But most users think that this feature is only available for mobile phones and it’s not available on the Mac. But now you can use emoji at your Mac too with these amazing Mac 2023 Tips and tricks.

How to do it:-

  1. First, go to the menu bar.
  2. Now Click on edit option and open emoji and symbol feature.
  3. Press Control + Command + Space to copy the emoji and paste it anywhere you like.

Hide or Customize Mac Menu Bar

To all the users who do not want to see the Menu bar on their Mac then they can change or hide the menu bar and make it unusual.

How to do it:-

  1. Go to the System Preference >> General >> Automatically hide and show the menu bar

Control Mouse Pointer With Keyboard

Sometimes we face the touchpad issue and unavailability of the mouse that makes it impossible to work. But you can easily face this situation if you know how to control the mouse pointer with a keyboard.

How to do it:-

  1. Go to System Preference >> Accessibility >> Mouse & Trackpad >> Tick the Mouse Key box.

Easily Adjust Volume and Brightness

Every Mac user must know how to adjust brightness and volume with a simple keyboard shortcut. Also, you can force the operating system to increase the volume and brightness in a small increment which is literally amazing.

How to do it:-

  1. Hold Shift Button + Option Keys


Apple has always a separate fan base who always supports the company on bad days. But lack of knowledge started making false news that Mac does not have beneficial features that windows offer to the users. To be honest, Mac offers so many features that a window OS system offer to the users. With this Mac 2023 tips and tricks guide, we discuss 30 most popular mac tips that will make your Mac experience better than ever. Which Mac tip & trick you did not know before reading this blog. Comment down and tell your opinion now!