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For many online sites, internet marketing tools can be the make or break point. We felt it important to provide you with quality marketing services to help get you started. Below you will find comparisons of some of the top web tools and marketing products to promote your website.

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 Online Marketing Services:
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 Pay-Per-Click Advertising
 With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for results! As an advertiser, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Bid on specific keywords related to your site and receive highly targeted traffic to your site! 
Google Adwords Google AdWord is, by far, the most popular of all the pay-per-click advertising programs. is the most widely used search engine online today, giving you the opportunity for amazing traffic. ., formerly known as FindWhat, is one of the top pay-per-click services available. Now partnered with Commision Junction affiliate services to assist you with growing your online business.
Enhance Interactively Enhance Interactive, formerly known as Ah-Ha, has been around for several years. This is a great source for gaining quality online traffic. They provide top performance tools for evaluating your online ads.
Mamma Classifieds Mamma classifieds uses their own engine to reach over 2.3 million people monthly. They are among the few that still offers a low minimum of $0.05/bid. Ads are placed in the top three positions.
 Search Engine Optimization Services
 Without good search engine positions, your company could be dead in the water! But staying on top of the ever-changing world of search engines can be extremely difficult and time-consuming! The following services are here to help:

Permission Research  Permission Research has been helping companies to understand the trends and patterns of the internet for years. The team uses software designed to monitor online activity & surveys for more information.
 Website Submission Services
 Before your site can be found, it needs to be submitted first! The following services (and tools) will help you submit your site. Submit to multiple SE’s at once, or pay for individual submissions to TOP SITES:

Submit Fire is designed to automatically submit your website to over 3000 search engines and directories… saving you time! A user-friendly control panel allows convenient use of detailed site reports.
 Email Advertising
 Email advertising is another great way to expose your products and services to potential customers. Whether you start your own newsletter or advertise in a popular ezine, expand your customer base with the following services:

Constant Contact Constant Contact, with over 65,000 business clients, is the leading do-it-yourself email marketing service company online. E-mail web marketing can help with newsletters, e-mail tracking, and much more.
 Link Building Services
 Link building is one of the most important methods for improving search engine rankings! Find services to help you increase your incoming links, buy 1-way links, or find a program to help you build links on your own!

 Other Marketing Services
 There are many more options available to help promote and market your website! Whether it’s banner advertising, pop-up’s and pop-unders, classified ads or more… these services will help increase your exposure: provides complete email marketing services. There are different packages to help fit your exact e-mail needs. They offer top-notch e-mail security, with spam protection, and an anti-virus option.


PLEASE NOTE: While we attempt to keep the most up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of pricing since plan details may change without notice.

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