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Reseller Hosting Programs… Everything you need to know!

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Reseller programs are opportunities to make additional money!

The Reseller is a middle-man who markets and sells web space for someone else, using their extra server space. Many people take advantage of this equal opportunity to make a profit. There are many reselling web programs available online today. Most Reseller programs work under the basic affiliate concept.

The reseller acts as an sub-contractor for the specific web hosting company. The services are marketed online by the reseller as being with the actual domain hosting company. Customers buy direct from the web hosting company. The reseller then gets a percentage or a flat rate for each sale.

The act of reselling web space is not all that new. If someone has extra space that is not being utilized…why not sell it. The system is similar to other affiliate programs all across the web. They track when customers are referred from the reseller’s website. Reseller’s simply put… are online marketers. Most Reseller hosting plans will give you complete operational control. They provide multiple features and functions to help you reach full money-making potential.

Basic Functions of a good reseller hosting program should include at least:

  1. Ability to use a single account to control administration and billing for multiple hosting plans.
  2. Provide an affiliate log-in direct from your website. Have individual logins for all sub-accounts
  3. Allow control to be given to clients while maintaining complete control of billing and administration
  4. Determine the price you wish to charge for hosting space. Ability to move domains and sub-domains.

Different companies may offer different pay structures and incentives for selling their specific hosting space. Compare the different companies to decide the most beneficial and best profits available. Many people sign-up from multiple hosting companies and integrate the programs together on a single website. Find and research more details on specific Reseller Web Hosting Programs!

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