Things to do Before Launching a Website

Things to do before launching a website

Are you planning to start a new website? If yes, then you should know all the things to do before launching a website because little mistakes could bring you in some trouble.

Do you know, thousands of websites launch daily in different niches? An interesting fact is that tons of websites also closed daily because website owners couldn’t manage to maintain it. The cycle goes on every day and if you don’t wanna be part of this cycle, you must do all important things to run your website properly. 

5 Key Things to Remember Before Launching a Website

Even if you are a professional who has knowledge of most things or a complete beginner that is still struggling in a single website. All of them must know some best tips and tricks to run a website for a longer period. Here are some best tips that will help you to do all the planning before starting a website.

1 Financial Planning

Before launching a website, everyone must make financial planning for their website. Yes, you read it right, everyone.

Because a proper website demands a good amount of money. And if you are completely unaware of website handling then you should make your website financial planning more carefully.

Let’s have a faster look at the most important things that you have to buy before launching a site:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. SSL Certificate
  4. Domain Privacy (if you don’t want to disclose your privacy)
  5. Content Writer ( if you don’t know how to write properly or don’t have time)  

3 Choose the Best Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a storeroom for your website where all data of your website are stored. Pictures, Videos, Logfile, Chache, Cookies, and many other things are stored inside it.

Before starting a website, always think about which type of website you are planning for. Because different types of websites consume different amounts of resources. Where a static website consumes less amount of hosting resources, on the other hand, big websites like E-commerce and some others need a high amount of resources.

Never ever purchase a website by just looking at just price because when it comes to good web hosting many things matter. Bandwidth, Storage, RAM, Uptime are some of the essential things that a good web hosting provider must provide. Also, purchase a web hosting that has min 99.9% uptime.

3 Purchase a Domain Name

A domain name is the address of a website by which you can access it. Usually, you can get a domain name free of cost with an annual hosting plan. Many top hosting providers offer free domain name for a year starting from shared web hosting.

But if you don’t want a freebie or forget to claim your website domain name then you can also purchase it at different domain providers. Different domain extensions cost different prices and give varying numbers of benefits to the website.

You can purchase .com, .in. .gov, .edu or some other domain extension as per your website niche. But do remember a thing before purchasing a domain name for your website, the domain name cannot be changed later. So, always purchase a domain name carefully.

3 Secure Socket Layer

SSL certificate or Secure Socket Layer is one of the best things that will secure your website from hacking activity. It transmits all your website data, which prevents hackers to steal and manipulate it.

Just like Domain Name, some hosting providers also offer a free SSL certificate for a year in the annual hosting plan. But before making any assumption please check carefully in which plan you are getting the free SSL certificate. Because if you need shared web hosting for your website and the free certificate is coming with VPS hosting then there’s no profit.

You can purchase an SSL certificate by paying a certain amount to its provider. Do remember you can buy an SSL certificate at another platform too. So, if your web hosting provider is charging high rates for it, then purchase it in different places.

4 Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy helps to protect your domain’s secret pieces of information, which is very useful. You can hide your domain registrar name, date of renewal and some more confidential data by purchasing these features.

This feature is easily available at your domain provider and costs monthly/annual. So, before heading to the payment section check carefully how much your domain provider is charging for this service.

Is Buying domain privacy compulsory?

Well, that totally depends on you, if you want to show your website domain details then there’s no loss. And if you’re running a small blog then there’s no need to pay for these features.

5 Content Writer

A successful website demands content on a regular basis. Daily content updation not only binds your daily visitors to your website but also helps to build your website authority in front of Google.

If you do not have a clue how to write for your visitors then before launching a website make clear that you must have a content writer. Because if you don’t then who’s gonna write on your blog/website. Someone must have to update it on a regular basis otherwise it will be listed on the same list of closed websites.

To be honest, nothing is impossible and if you practice a little bit and work hard then you can easily write articles. In starting it will not be as good as professional but later it will be really gonna be good for sure.