Top 15 Reasons Why Choose Hostinger Webhosting Plans

Top 15 Reasons Why Choose Hostinger Webhosting Plans


Hostinger is one of the top Build names in the hosting industry for providing incredible hosting features and services for very reasonable prices. As from 2004 which is the starting year of Hostinger in Kaunas, Lithuania. It started to build its reputation in the whole hosting industry and impress millions of customers by providing high quality and reliable hosting services. Now hostinger has around 29 million users as their regular customers. In around 39 countries, hostinger build their fame and provide their hosting services. But if you are unknown for hostinger then why you should trust it? Then here comes the answer. In this article, we will discuss the top 15 Reasons Why Choose Hostinger Webhosting Plans, and these reasons make you convinced to choose Hostinger Webhosting as your hosting plan.

Why you Need a Good Webhost like hostinger?

We all know that choose a reliable and high-quality service offering Webhost is beneficial for not only us even it also impress our visitors & our Ranking. As a good web host comes with hundreds of benefits, on the other hand, a slow and non-reliable web hosting comes with hundreds of problems. So selecting a good and reliable website hosting provider is the first step to become successful online. As hostinger is always one of the trendiest names for providing heart-winning hosting plans and additional products. Now let consider what those reasons are behind the popularity of the Hostinger Webhost.

Top 15 Reasons which make Hostinger Better than Other Webhost

1. Trusted by Millions of Online Users

Since 2004, Hostinger started its work on building trust among the online people. And now it has more than 40 million trusted users who treat Hostinger web hosting as the best. As trust is the only thing that starts a bonding between a customer to an unknown company. And if you select a Webhosting company that already has millions of trusted users, then it became easier for you to trust it. Among the list of satisfied customers of Hostinger, small websites, medium size website & large enterprise website also comes. Even it is also a perfect hosting provider for blogging purposes. So no matter what the size of your website or you are new or old for the online industry, with Hostinger you get reliable web hosting services that are enough to make your productivity efficient. The number of trust users is enough to show the reliability of Hostinger & this is one of the major reasons to choose Hostinger as your Webhosting provider.

2. Cheap & Easy to Afford Prices of hosting plan and other products

Cost-effective hosting plans are always more demandable then costly ones. On keeping this fact in mind, Hostinger is another great option in which you can try to get superior hosting plans for affordable prices. Hostinger comes with cheapest and low cost hosting plans even its other products like security and domain is also available at the cheapest prices. So for all pocket-friendly hosting plans seeker, Hostinger is another great option that they can try. Especially for beginners who have a budget restriction and looking for a hosting company that can offer then reliable hosting services at a low price, Hostinger is evergreen opinion. Even another great thing that Hostinger offers for budget-restricted users is its free products. For the sake of promotion, Hostinger also offers many free products like Domain registration for one year, Business email & other security products for free of cost.

3. Hostinger Comes with Money-back Promise for every plan

Want to try a risk-free hosting company? Then here the perfect solution for you is Hostinger. Hostinger comes with 30 days money back promise for its every hosting plan. It means if you are new for Hostinger and not found Hostinger satisfied enough, then you can cancel your plan anytime and get your money back without any deduction. This is one of the best steps which Hostinger takes to make people trust it. On the other hand, most of the hosting companies were not allowed money-back promise on any of their products.

That’s why most of the users get stuck on their platform for a lifetime. But with Hostinger you can switch your host and get your money back anytime whenever you want. But you need to keep in mind that the free product you get from Hostinger is not refundable. So if you choose a free domain or any other product then you have to pay at the time of requesting your money back. You get the money after deducting the fees of free products you get from Hostinger.

4. At least 99% server uptime guarantee

Did you know another best thing that is considered in defining the quality of a web host? If no, then it is its server uptime ratio. The web host which has the greatest server uptime is better than the rest one. Hostinger comes with a 99% server uptime guarantee which is pretty enough to define its service quality. Your website will get live over the internet for almost all the time on the other hand most of the top hosting providers will offer server uptime promise for only 95%. But with Hostinger, you get 99 or even 100% server uptime for 24/7.

5. Managed your files easily with Own Cpanel offer by Hostinger

For making the managing of your files simpler and easier, Hostinger offers a control panel to their user through which they can easily manged their website files on their server. As the control panel is one of the popular managers which makes your export, import, and other work simple and easy. While some hosting companies will not offer any control panel with their hosting plans on the other hand some offer their control panel. But Cpanel is all time better option for managing your files on your hosting.

6. Website Safety Cares measures taken by Hostinger

With the Business Hosting plan of Hostinger, you get extra security to your website, because Hostinger offers free of cost SSL certificate to protect your website from any malware attack and keep it safe for the users. As having HTTPS is also a great significance for Google ranking. This makes visitors trust your website and improve your performance in many ways.

7. Being up to date and keep your site safe with Hostinger

As we never want to lose any single post of our website. Because we put our efforts to make it on there. That’s why most people consider automatic backup for their website data security, but most hosting companies charge a pretty good amount for providing them an automatic backup facility. On the other hand, with Hostinger web hosting you will get this auto back up option for free of cost. So that you will never face any situation when you lose your website files and data. Plus Hostinger comes with auto-update features that make your online experience smoother and better. Because updates will make your interface better than before. You do not need to do anything for getting an update on your dashboard, instead, Hostinger itself updates your features and application on your behalf.

8. Incredible Support available for your Service by Hostinger

Usually, beginners will be stuck in some kind of technical issue with their new web host. That’s why having a web host which offer the best support to their customer is a must. Hostinger comes with impressive support and a wide range of ways through which you can connect with their official team. As support is the base of trust on a Webhosting company.

With support features, Hostinger wins the trust of millions of users. The best way through which you can contact with them is their live chat support, this facility is available in your service for 24/7/365. You can also do direct calls to their technical team for getting the solution to your problem in the explained way.

9. Website builder to make a responsive and impressive website in Minutes

As most of the beginners are not coders and they even don’t how to build a professional website for their business. That’s why Hostinger offers a website builder with their plans so that anyone can easily build a professional and responsive website for their business. You do not need to have any coding or programming knowledge for building a website with a Hostinger website builder. Just some drag and drop that’s it. You get a professional and responsive website for your business or blogging purpose.

10.  No need to Measure and care for Bandwidth

Limiting your website Bandwidth is the most annoying restriction which people usually face with their web hosting provider. But you do not need to care about it with Hostinger, because with this web hosting company you get unlimited Bandwidth and even space also to make your website journey smooth and restriction-free. Any number of visitors can visit your website without affecting your server performance.

11.  One of the Fastest Server Provider

Speed is the basic need for website success. If you own a website which has excellent then you going to rank and perform better than others. And as we all know the speed of a website also depends on the speed of the server. With Hostinger, you never going to face any discomfort with the speed of your website. Because Hostinger comes under the list of top fastest Webhosting speed providers in the whole hosting industry. Besides, to make your speed and performance better, Hostinger offers many great additional features that you surely loved. Hostinger comes with an inbuilt cache manager which increases your website speed in a noticeable amount. You do not need to add any extra cache plugin which helps your website, instead, Hostinger comes with its cache manager which done your cache work efficiently. You just need to make it on through its dashboard.

12.  Additional Benefits which you Get with Hostinger

Just for making your experience with Hostinger better, Hostinger offers many other and additional programs that are impressive. Some popular and useful features which are offered by Hostinger are: –

  • 1-click installer: through this feature, you can easily install your need tool and software with just one click. You do not need to do anything manually with this feature.

13.  Additional Support for PHP7

  • PHP7 support: – Hostinger also supports the latest version of PHP which is PHP7, which is one of the fastest languages which makes your website better. You get incredible speed and performance with this feature.

14.  Git Support with Hostinger

  • Git Support: – if you don’t know much about Git then it is so much popular feature which usually developers know to make a website incredibly fast and best. And with hostinger, you get git support which you can use to make your website impressive.

15.  reliable hosting platform for WordPress which you Get with Hostinger

  • The reliable hosting platform for WordPress Websites: – Hostinger offers customized and optimized Features for especially WordPress websites. if you are going to build a WordPress website, then surely Hostinger is the best option for you.
  • HTTP/2: – this is another great feature Hostinger support on their server, HTTP/2 is an updated version of HTTP1 which is faster and smoother than the old version.

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  2. I am a website designer. Recently, I am designing a website template about The boss’s requirements are very strange, which makes me very difficult. I have consulted many websites, and later I discovered your blog, which is the style I hope to need. thank you very much. Would you allow me to use your blog style as a reference? thank you!

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