Top 5 best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers


Minecraft is one of the most demandable application that demands on both hardware and infrastructure. The basic factor of Minecraft is a simplistic graphic with simple gameplay that gives them another place in popularity. The fanbase of Minecraft is really very huge and supportive. Minecraft usually performs on all devices like computers, mobile devices, etc. Now, Minecraft is available as one of the custom builds created by custom builders and developers or on plain vanilla. Also, Minecraft can be played by one person as solo and another massive and genuine feature is the multiplayer mode. You can play it with your friends or engage with other users. If you want to play on a self-hosted Minecraft server as a seamless gaming experience, then you need to know about some financial and technical details. Some web hosts are offers specialized Minecraft hosting plans, in which you will get many extra Minecraft features. So, here you will know about the top 5 best Minecraft server hosting providers which are given below.

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

Top 5 Minecraft server hosting provider 2020

The best 5 Minecraft server hosting providers are explained below with all the features that they provide.

Top 5 Minecraft server hosting provider 2020

1.      Hostinger

Hostinger is top in providing Minecraft hosting because of some reasons that may be best from all. The best reason is Hostinger offers a host that has a plan specifically designed to run Minecraft hosting. In which you will get your Minecraft hosting on the VPS server which is completely dedicated to hosting your Minecraft and you will get all the resources that need to host your Minecraft. If you choose Hostinger then you will get a minimum of 2 GB memory, instant Minecraft server setup, and Customer support available clock hours that can help you at the time of problem or issues. Here you will get 99.9% uptime, DDoS protection, Instant setup, Multicraft Panel, Dual CPU, and many more. As it is best then you have to pay 8.95 US Dollars per month to purchase it. The basic package starts with 2 GB RAM with 70 number of players.

2.      Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a hosting company created specifically for game servers. It is an Australian registered company and mainly focuses on Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Rust- with plans to support more titles and hostings. All the plans that it offers are completely focused and directly suited for your needs while choosing to host for the game platform. This is a very good place to hire specialized Minecraft hosting and the experience of previous users is very genuine and positive. Also, here you will get 100% uptime, DDoS protection, Instant setup, Multicraft Panel, Unlimited SSD, and many more features that make it much better. The best part of ShockByte is that here you will find an environment that is built with a suite to run Minecraft and another gaming hosting. This will not cost as Hostinger but you have to pay 2.50 US Dollars per month. You will get 1 GB and 20 number of players in it.

3.      Bisect Hosting

BesectHosting is another popular name in Minecraft Hosting and also it offers all the types of Web services. BisectHosting is shapelier for Minecraft and supporting the Java version and bedrock. The best difference of BisectHosting is that they offer Minecraft hosting plans with unlimited SSD storage in all their plans including the cheapest plans. The key features of BisectHosting are daily backup, DDoS protection, Instant setup, Multicraft Panel, SSD servers, and many more. So, this is another best and genuine hosting company that gives you the very best and brilliant platform to run Minecraft Hosting. The basic pack of BisectHosting starts with 1 GB RAM and 12 number of players only at 2.99 US Dollars per month.

4.      GG Servers

GG Servers is a Canadian web hosting company that offers web hosting but also specializes in-game servers. They offer many servers for games including Minecraft and regularly giving their best service to the millions of users. They provide very high performance on their game servers to give a very genuine service to their users. GG Servers are located at Nine Data Center all over the World and this is the reason they provide their service to their users without any hesitation and difficulty. The plans of this company change depending on the resources provided to users. The key features of this company are instant setup, DDoS protection, Multicraft Panel, 1-Click Install, Unmetered SSD, and many more. The basic pack of GG Servers is started with 1 GB RAM and 12 number of Players only at 3.00 US Dollars per month.

5.      Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is set their complete focus on Minecraft and located at 15 locations all over the World. The best part of Apex hosting is they offer a sub-domain with their every plan. Because this company is completely dedicated to Minecraft and giving lots of features like, easy to use control panel, video tutorial, running in 5 minutes with the ability to get Minecraft servers up. Here you will also get a 24/7 support team that helps you in every problem and try to give an instant solution or as soon as possible. Also, you will get 99.9% uptime, Instant setup, DDoS protection, Multicraft Panel, 1-Click Install, and many more features. Same as here you will also get 1 GB RAM and 12 number of players to startup only at 3.99 US Dollars per month.


So, all the services given by top companies are listed above with price. We think that you all are clear about it. We wish that you do not doubt in choosing Minecraft Hosting for your personal. Here cost for your purchase not matter too much because all the companies are offered service at a very genuine price. So, all the information about Minecraft discusses above and choose the best from best for your Minecraft server.

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