Web Hosting & its Types

What is Web Hosting and What are it’s Type?


People often get confused when they face technological terms like domain, web hosting, etc. Until they are not well hooked on.  Let me explain the common misconception between all of them.

In layman’s term web hosting is a collection of information accessed via the internet whereas host means storage. It provides you with storage data on a server accessible from anywhere.  

Domain Name: Domain is the address of the website which users need to access the files offered by the website 

What are the different types of web hosting available?

web hosting

The need for suitable web hosting is entirely based on your needs. Here is the detailed information about the types of web hosting available these days.

Shared Hosting

 Ideal for entry-level business or starting out blogs. It shares a common server where all other websites being the host.  All domains on this server share the same resources like RAM and CPU. Permitted access and their files, the efficiency level is always high on this server. As multiple resources and the website shares the same server, there are chances to slow down the website.


  • Beginner friendly.
  • Easy to get started with
  • Mainly for small websites or blogs with minimal traffic
  • Difficult to scale due to limited storage.

Virtual Private Server

VPN shares the highest and advanced form of shared hosting. Virtual hosting provides a dedicated space for hosting purposes with less knowledge. This hosting is quite high compared to shared hosting. VPS shares server with very few sites, servers portioned out into different server. It’s a cost-effective option for more flexibility and efficiency than offered with shared hosting. The virtual private server provides a great in-between option when one’s outgrow shared hosting.


  • Advanced user-Friendly.
  • It’s perfect if you need own dedicated server at an average cost
  • Scalable and can grow as your server needs

In layman’s term web means collection of information accessed via the internet whereas host means storage. It provides you with storage data on a server accessible from anywhere.  

Dedicated Server Hosting

 Dedicated server hosting gives authority to website owner because a dedicated server provides personal storage to the particular website owner. This server is not shareable like others and provides full authority. This type of hosting is often costly but provides a more secure with high-level security. The dedicated server requires skills for optimizing and operating.


  • For website owners with a high level of traffic
  • Gave complete control on the server
  • 100% access to server resources

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is entirely based on the concept as allowing unlimited machines to act as a system. So the website is accessible using cloud resources. Traditional hosting resources deployed on a single server but cloud-based hosting runs applications using combined computing resources. The main advantage of cloud-based hosting is its scalability means growth over time.


  • Website owner only pays what they need 
  • Helps to employs as many resources without  owning hardware infrastructure
  • Scalability & flexibility. Pay only for used resources.

Managed Hosting

Businesses that need to expand and secure have a series of choices managed hosting is one of it. It gives a provision in which companies hires service provider with dedicated physical server and manages on behalf of companies. Managed hosting providers are entirely responsible for setup, configuration, patch management, technical support, backup, load management, disaster recovery etc.    


  • High performance with high availability 
  • Entirely managed by hosting hardware provider
  • Dedicated for large IT companies with maxi. Security


Before jumping on to a conclusive decision it’s better to analyze your business need and plan accordingly.  Firstly analyze your business goals and always keep in mind types of features, security, reputation, configuration, and budget. 

I hope this article has provided you a solid overview of different available hosting options. There is always the option to upgrade your site to any available server so no worries.

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