why iPhones are so expensive

Why are iPhones So Expensive?


Why are iPhones so expensive? What are the reasons/factors that make an iPhone more expensive than other smartphones? These are some of the most common questions fans ask. 

Why people ask these questions is because an iPhone cost way more than an Android Mobile. 

Is it because of the name, Apple? Is it all hype or they are really worth every buck you spend on them?

In the market other brands like Samsung, Motorola, MI, Oneplus, etc are also launching phones that are as expensive as iPhones. But the fact is that not all mobile phones cost such higher prices. On the other hand you know when Apple launches their next iPhone that it is going to be more expensive than the last one. 

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The cheapest iPhone in the market right now is the iPhone 7 that will cost you around 21 or 22 thousand rupees. One the other hand the most expensive iPhone right now is iPhone XS Max that will cost you Rs. 1.05 Lakhs. 

reason why iphones cost more

Design their own software

One of the most common and well known key reasons why iPhones are so expensive is that they design their own software. 

What other brands do is that they build the and design the structure or hardware of phones and use Android software. 

However, Apple creates the structure plus software of their products. This is what makes iPhones better and more costlier than other smartphones right now. 

apple vs android

Build Quality

The moment you lay your hands on an iPhone you know what you’re dealing with. The build quality of iPhones are incredible. The metal, the design, gorilla screen, camera, etc. 

This is another reason for iPhones being more costlier than other phones in the market. The screen of iPhones cost more than some other cool android mobiles in the market. Apple gives a lot of time on making sure that the build quality doesn’t disappoint the people. 

Features & Functions

When it comes to features and functions in a smartphone then iPhones are the great example. 

The advanced features of iPhones take the user experience to the next level. The sensors, camera quality, screen, display, Siri, Haptic Touch, face ID support, true tone display support, etc are super amazing and cost a lot even for Apple to add in iPhones. 

That is the super cool and advanced features of iPhones also adds to the higher price of iPhones in the market. 

why apple products comes with higher price

Better in the long run

You gotta be honest about the durability of iPhones and other Android Phones in the market. Due to the build quality, their own software, and various metals manufactured by hands makes an iPhone more durable than other phones in the market. The quality of processor, body metal, camera, and other parts of this product make it last longer in the long run. 

Though you have to spend more money on buying an iPhone but you find them beside you for longer times. They could last more than 5 years or maybe more. 

iphones more costlier than android

The Brand Factor

The last key factor is Apple itself. The name Apple is kind of related to high quality as well as high priced products. When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone it was a historical moment. Ever since the popularity of iPhones has grown rapidly all round the world than any other brand. 

Apple is a brand that promises quality, trust, unique experience, advanced technology, etc for people. When you know that this brand or products by this brand won’t let you down then you don’t care about the price.
It is always an unique feeling or experience whenever someone buys an iPhone or any other products by Apple. 

Final Thoughts 

We have tried to cover all the relevant reasons why iPhones are so expensive than other mobile phones in the market. 

It is not only the one factor that makes it costlier but there are various factors and reasons that together make its price that high. 

Despite the higher prices the iPhones are the most selling product in the world right now. It is people’s dream phone. People show more trust in Apple products than any other product right now in the market. So, to sum up, iPhones are expensive but the quality and experience that you get with an iPhone is worth the price. 

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