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What is the Difference Between a Post and Page in WordPress?

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Most people get confused when it comes to WordPress pages vs posts. They can’t tell it apart. Some people think that blog posts and pages are the same things on the website. They really don’t know the difference between a Post and Page in WordPress. And some people know that posts and pages are different things but they have no points to explain it. 

That is why we created this article to clear the difference between posts and pages in WordPress. After reading this article you’ll always remember the difference Posts vs pages. And also you’ll be able to explain it to others in simple words. So let’s dive into in. 

What is a Blog Post In WordPress?

To put in simple words, blog posts are blogs, articles, tips, or any kind of content that you write and publish on your WordPress website.  

In your WordPress go to Dashboard there you will find the option Posts and options as All posts, Add New, Tags, and Categories.

pages and blog posts are different

When you click on All posts you will get all of your posts in reverse chronological order. Your most latest posts will be on top and old posts at the bottom. 

To add a new post you have to click on the button Add New. There you can add a new blog or article

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You can check the published dates of your posts. You can check all the comments on your every post. And also you can even edit your posts in WordPress. 

There is this option where you can create sticky posts. Sticky posts will show up before your any other posts

You can add social share buttons in your blog posts by downloading various plugins in your WordPress. 

You can find your posts in RSS Feeds, Archives, Categories, etc. You can add your posts in different categories and add tags also. 

You can add the author’s name to your blog posts. It is useful when different persons publish posts on the same WordPress site. 

The URL of a blog post look likes this – 

What is a Page in WordPress? 

Pages are different than posts in WordPress. A Page is permanent and static in WordPress. They do not have dates and any types of tags. You must have seen About, Home, Contact Us, etc pages on a  website. These are examples of pages. 

You can make a page named “Blogs” and add all of your posts on this page. The pages are timeless. They do not have time and date attached to them. And also, pages do not have author names. 

However, you can add and updates your pages on your WordPress website. 

You will seldom see social share buttons and comments on pages. In WordPress usually comments on pages are off by default. 

There could be a parent page and subpage. Pages are not chronicled in nature but we can say hierarchical. 

wordpress posts vs pages


The Difference Between a ThaPost and Page In WordPress

We have talked about posts and pages individually. Now let’s see what are the key difference between Blog Posts Vs Pages – 

  • Blog Posts have date and time but Pages are timeless and static. 
  • Posts have tags but Pages do not have tags in WordPress. 
  • Blog Posts can be seen in RSS feeds, however, Pages can not be seen in that. 
  • The URLs of Posts and Pages look different. 
  • Blog Posts have comments but Pages seldom have a comments section. 
  • Blog Posts are Chronicle while Pages are hierarchical in nature. 

These are some of the key differences between a blog post and Page in WordPress. These points will clear all the doubts you have in your mind when it comes to pages and blog posts in WordPress. That is the reason we got this article WordPress pages vs posts for you. 

Similarities- (WordPress Pages vs Posts)

We have seen some major differences between a blog post and Page in WordPress. Now let’s see some similarities that these to share –       

  • Both blog posts and pages can be edited and updated. You can add, update, and remove both of these. 
  • You can add as many blog posts and pages you want in WordPress. There is no limit when it comes to creating posts and pages.
  • Blog posts have social share buttons and in most cases, you can see that pages also have them. 
  •  Blog Posts have comment sections. You can also allow comments on your pages.           

Final Thoughts – (WordPress Pages Vs Posts)

Now you probably know the difference between a Post and Page in WordPress. We have explained it in most simple words you can understand. 

First, we talked about Blog Posts and Pages separately. We discussed their role and key functions in WordPress. 

Then, we compared WordPress Pages Vs Posts. We discussed the facts that set them apart. 

And finally, we saw some similarities between both of them. There could be more differences and similarities between Blog Posts and Pages. But we have only talked about some of the most common and important ones in this article. If you want to know about the best free WordPress themes for bloggers then check them out here. 

I hope now you can tell apart both of these very easily in most simple words. 

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