Write For Us

1)Who all are allowed to write for us?

Absolutely anyone can write for us. We do not set any restriction on who can or who cannot submit articles to our website. However, you should adhere to write for us guidelines as mentioned below.

2) What topics you are allowed to submit articles on?

Primarily anything related to web hosting. However, we take broad-spectrum and we can also consider articles that deal directly/indirectly various aspects related to web hosting – such as Technology involved in web hosting, Different web hosting techniques, Tips & Trick related to hosting and so on…

3) Where can I submit/mail my request for Guest Posts articles?

You can mail us at info@thehostingstop.com


4) I have submitted/mailed my article but it is not posted on the website, Why?

We receive lot of email for the guest post. Out of which we select those which meet our Article Guidelines. We strictly follow article guidelines to evaluate all the guest post articles we receive.

5)What are the benefits You will receive by writing a guest post for TheHostingStop.com?

We believe in give and take. We generously provide a do-follow link to the Author’s website. Also, your article will get a lot of organic views from our readers.

Guest  Post Article / Write for us guidelines:

  1. The article should be on relevant topics which we have mentioned above – ie Hosting or related to hosting either directly or indirectly.
  2. The written content must be of high quality. Thoroughly research for the topic/subject you are writing about. Write in a way that is easier to understand for both technical as well as non-technical users.
  3. The submitted write-for-us/ guest post article must be original. All the articles go through the plagiarism check and if we find article has been copied from other sources than we will immediately and indefinitely ban the sender from our website.
  4. The article should be of minimum 1000 words. Long detailed article with length up to 2500 words is welcome.
  5. Along with the article you need to submit 3 images/infographics that relate to the topic and adds value to your article.
  6. The article should be well structured and SEO optimized. SEO friendly articles will help your article receive more traffic.

How you can find us on google?

Just search for “Hosting” “Technology” + “Write for us” + “Guest post”  on google. Or else you can directly mail us at: